This Came G3250 is a modern style barrier, aesthetically perfect for any setting, with both a flashing light and photocells installed to guarantee safety and durability. Its protective cover guarantees maximum safety while the boom is in motion and its control board id a ZL38 with a passaging clearance of 3.25m. This is a Specific solution for intensive use in car parks.








The Gard is Ideal for private or public car parks and large passageways  and industrial facilities it can be installed on the right or the left with the options of flashing lights and photocells safety is guaranteed With a passage clearance of 6.5m, The control board is a ZC5 running off 24V DC. The Other options is 3.75m passage clearance running of 230V AC.










The Gard 3/4/8 are all ideal for intensive traffic conditions and apartment blocks and industrial facilities. All of them running 24 DC power and all have a flashing light on top which is slim-line and professional look The Gard 3 running the control board ZL30 and the 4 and 8 either running the ZL38 or 39. the 3 has a passage clearance of 2.75m and 4 has a clearance 3.75m and the 8 has a clearance of 7.6m the 4 and 8 are also energy saving.









The Gard 12 is the out of ordinary barrier with two gear motors installed inside the cabinet and are mounted on the same axis providing greater torque, The boom has smooth, safe and reliable movement. The control board is a ZL37B with a passage clearance of 12m which with 2 motors can open and close in just 12 seconds.









faac_615This is a FAAC 615 designed  for 2m to 4m in length. the standard barrier has an opening time of 6 seconds while the rapid vision opening a 2.5m beam in just 3 seconds. It has an anti-crushing hydraulic safety device, a hydraulic lock hold the barrier open or closed and a manual release key. it Control board is specifically designed for this barrier. also there is now a new rounded beam which is available in 2, 3 and 4m length. The beam can be fitted with led strips along the beam and a skirt kit is also available fir both new and old beam style.








The FAAC 620 barrier is suitable to hold up to a 5m beam and is available in a standard, rapid and super rapid versions. The standard will take a 5m beam and opens in 4.5 seconds with the rapid will open a 3m beam in 2seconds and a 4m in 3seconds but the super raid will open a 3m beam in 0.8-2.2 seconds. This barrier also comes with skirt kits and a hinged system is also compatible for a round beam which is available in 2m, 3m, 4m and 5m lengths which additionally can have LED striped lighting in the beam.









The FAAC 640 range is ideal for traffic areas with long range beams ranging from 4 to 7 metres. Bottom skirts are available for all lengths whereas up to 5m you can have top and bottom skirts. The 624 BLD control board has a 2 digit display and 3 programming buttons which allows for simple settings changes and also has a cooling fan to be able to continuously work. this barrier is also able to simultaneously work with an identical barrier on the standard settings.









Range of professional 230 Vac electromechanical barriers for busy use, designed and developed to operate in a wide variety of conditions such as large parking lots, motorway toll-gates with frequent reversing, sensitive sites where the bar must open spontaneously in case of a power failure and in industrial installations. Mechanical movement with crank to make the bar operate smoothly, also managing slowdowns in opening and closing.







Range of professional 230 Vac electromechanical barriers with speed variator and three-phase induction motor for high frequency of use. Designed and developed to operate in a wide variety of conditions such as large car parks, motorway tollgates with frequent reversing, industrial installations. Possibility of setting the useful passage from electronic control unit. Mechanical movement with crank to make the bar operate smoothly, also managing slowdowns in opening and closing. Equipped with U-Link protocol, they allow integration in Parking Management or Building Management systems.