Came Gates





Stylo has a articulated arm which ideal solution to fit into small pillars or posts. Its compact design features a 24 V self-locking motor and encoder – based movement control – helping to limit the forces. It works in emergency mode during blackouts. Reliable and sturdy even if small, thanks to the systems self-locking mechanism. It also comes with a release system key and reversible version is available. It control panel is a ZL92, along with a max leaf width of 1.8m.



The Fast40 is perfect for fitting onto medium and large gate posts. It uses a articulated arm with a max leaf with of 2.3m. The control panel is a ZF4. All Models are fitted with a single three-conductor cable with a handy release lever for manually opening the gate. This model come standard with a sleep mode function. Finally it is compatible with a Zero-E solar panel to power the operator where there are no connections to electricity lines.



This Came gate leaver is ideal to apply to large gate posts. This gate lever if for high-end product, engineered to meet market demands. This EN tested product, for both 24V DC and the 230V AC versions which uses a encoder-based electronic management. It comes with a standard articulated-arm but straight arm is also available when space is limited. It also comes with a hatched door for accessing the release key. Its control board can either be a ZM3E or ZLJ14 with a max leaf width of 4m.





The Amico is the baby of the worm drive mechanism its ideal for fitting on gates in residential areas. Its refined and exclusive design. Its adjustable mechanical stops for memorising gate runs. It works in emergency mode during blackouts 24V. Its control board is a ZM3E or ZLJ14 with a max leaf width 1.8m. The worm screw is always protected by the dedicated cover.






The Axo is the biggest worm drive mechanism ideal for fitting on apartment and residential settings with a max leaf of 7m which features motors suitable for a multitude of applications. Features include built in end stop adjustment and with the ZM3E and ZLJ24 control panels, with 230V and 24V versions available. The 24V versions can operate during power outrages. Its available in both reversible and self locking versions. It has adjustable mechanical stops for memorising gat runs with the worm screw always protected.


Sliding Gates






The Bx series adapts to legislative standards through new command electronics, Customised solutions starting from the 230v versions, all the way up to the low tension, intensive-use ones. The Control board can either be a ZD2 or  ZBX10. The Bx-246 works in the emergency mode during blackouts. The Bx can hold up to 800kg and up to 20m of sliding gate but is available in different versions depending on requirements.






The Bk is the top when it comes to service and safety. It is designed for automating apartment blocks, industrial and collective area sliding gates in general. It comes in 9 different versions – all thought up to meet the usage requirements and solve any needs related to considerable weight, and thickness. with the capability can hold up to 2200kg and 23m length with the biggest versions the BK-2200T is a three-phased powered to ensure greater thrust.