20170116_144022Servicing and Maintenance



We install and service all our cameras and barriers with a yearly service with an option to have it twice a year at additional costs.

Our maintenance plans consist of one (two at an additional cost) preventative maintenance visit(s) to your site each year to complete a full CCTV service as below.



We will carry out the following tasks where appropriate:

Cameras, fixed domes and PTZ’s

  • The testing and re adjusting of focus and video levels on all cameras
  • Testing of external camera housings including de-misters where appropriate
  • Report on any temporary obscuring of camera images e.g growing trees and bushes
  • Cleaning of all camera lenses and housings where appropriate
  • Checking of all mechanical fixings, brackets, towers and PTZ functions where appropriate

Infrared illuminators

  • Test all photocells and infrared lamps for correct operation.

Junction Boxes

  • Check and tighten all connections

Power Supplies

  • Check and tighten all connections


  • Adjust DVR time and date display as required, and check equipment settings
  • Carry out test reviewing of recordings
  • Check video data connections between all control equipment re-terminate and crimp as required

Radio Transmitters and Receivers

  • Clean and check connections and power supplies

Contact us to discuss your maintenance options.