Automated Gates


Add some power to your driveway gates. Protech Systems install a range of  different automation kits depending on your specifications. Above ground, below ground or electric sliding gates…with or without intercom access. We can install new gates with automation or add automation on existing gates. All of our automated gates are backed with manufacturers warranty. Service plans available.

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Range of 24v or 230v automation systems depending on gate style.


Closed automated gates can help protect your home or business.


All automation kits are backed with manufacturers warranty.

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Gate automation to suit you. Fully fitted with or without service contract.

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Benefits of Automated Gates


Automated gates add security and privacy to any home or business. With advancements in technology, correctly fitted automated gates can be extremely safe. With additional safety systems such as photo cells and safety barriers, the gate can never close when an obstruction is detected protecting your loved ones, friends and pets. Most manual opening driveway gates will remain open the majority of the time due to weather or that the person is fed up with constantly opening and closing. Automated gates open at a push of a button and will close automatically behind you. Additional aerials can be fitted so that the gate will start opening even when your 200m away.


We can supply and install a range automated gate systems to meet your specifications. Call today to book a free site survey on 0800 043 3019.

Automated Gates

Automated Gate Kits Explained


We install various automation systems for automated gates. Most common ones are explained briefly below.

Above ground Automation Kits
Above Ground Automation Kits

Usually the cheapest and easiest way to have powered automated gates. Articulated or hydraulic arms. Available in 24v or 230v kits. The actual automation kit used depends on what type of gate you have. A wooden gate usually requires a stronger system due to the “sail” effect it can have whereas a metal gate can usually have a lower, 24v kit. For advice on which sort your gate needs, please call us free on 0800 043 3019.

Below Ground Automation Kits
Below Ground Automation Kits

Below ground automation is most commonly used on metal gates. This is due to the “open panel” design a metal gate usually has. Most customers don’t want to loose the appearance of the gate by having a standard above ground arm fitted. Below ground systems are basically a box either side placed in the ground. An arm connects to the bottom of the gate allowing it to open and close. More costly then above ground kits but aesthetically more pleasing.

Safety Edges
Saftey Equipment

All or our installed automated gates are loaded with the latest safety technology. From auto stop and return to being pressure sensitive. For some, it’s important to add more features. This is usually with extra photo cells or additional safety edges. Photo cells are simple two points with an invisible beam between. If anything breaks the beam the automation won’t move. Safety edges are there to prevent entrapment areas.

Optional Extras for Automated Gates


From intercom access controls, additional safety features or ANPR cameras. We can install your automated gate exactly to what you require.

Hikvision ANPR Camera
ANPR Cameras

ANPR (or automatic number plate recognition) cameras are a great way to enable your gates to open once the system recognises a vehicle within it’s database. This can be a great add on for multiple properties with single access or business premises. Most customers will also add an intercom system to manually open the gates from a reception etc.


Choice of multiple intercom units. Ones that simply “do the job” to others where you can control your gates from a mobile phone sat in another country! You can also have either wired or wireless. Wired are cheaper but will cost more to install as you have to have cables laid. Option for video as well if required. If you need advice, please call us.

Sliding Automated Gates
Sliding Automation Kits

Electric sliding gates are generally set up by either a track on the ground or cantilever. For most gates, 24v kit is suitable. Due to the gate “sliding”, there only needs a small amount of power to do this. With a sliding gate, you need to allow an additional space for an overhang. For example, if the entrance was 4.5m, the gate would need to be 5.3m. This size would also need to available to the left or right hand side for the gate to slide to.


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