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With over 30 years of experience, Protech Systems have supplied, fitted and installed a number of different car park barrier systems to customer requirements and specifications. From private car parks and protecting commercial property to school barriers. We have a car park barrier system for you. We only use the leading car park barrier manufacturers such as BFT, CAMEParkare and FAAC Hub parking systems. This ensures all products are tested for the highest safety standards and provides ultimate reliability. Service and maintenance contract available.

We can help plan and advise on what solution works for you.

Road Width

From 2.5m to 12m wide roads. We have a range of car park barriers to suit.

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All installed car park barriers are backed with UK manufacturers warranty.

Supply, Fit & Service

Choice of car park barriers all with full installation and service contracts.


Able to control the barriers using Automatic Number Plate Recognition.

Finance your Parking System – Profit in Month One!

With a growing number of cars on our roads and their need to park, organisations are looking for ways to not only control the use of their car park, but to generate revenue from the land!  It is well known that a good parking system can generate a significant additional revenue stream.

We have developed a system using finance leasing which can deliver an immediate monthly income with a very small upfront cost which is profitable from month one!

What does a parking system mean to you?


Security and Control


It is your land and you should be able to use it as you want to.  Today, people often drive in and park up when they have no right to be there.  Tomorrow, you control who uses the space to the full benefit of your organisation.


People who park pay your bills!


From month one, the people who use your space are not only paying your lease payment but are also providing you with additional income!


Fixed costs


Your payments are fixed for the duration of the lease but you have the ability at any time to vary the parking charges you levy, giving you the ability to increase your income or respond to environmental changes that may occur.


Get back control!


Your land isn’t a free for all to park on when they please!  It is there to support your business and for the convenience of your staff and customers.  If you want to give certain people the ability to park without charge, you can.  if you want to charge others at a reduced rate, you can.  If you want to make it free for all or some at certain times, you can.  You are now in control!

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Examples of our Car Park Barriers and systems


There are a range of of options to consider when looking at car park management. Below is an example of some of the car park systems that can be implemented. Protecting your car park and revenue is important. Contact us to see how our range of parking solutions can help you achieve your car park management goals and reduce enforcement costs!

Car Park Barriers

  • Parking barriers for road widths of between 2.5m and 12m.
  • A modern style barrier, aesthetically perfect for any setting.
  • The LED dome-shaped flashing light and the photocells can be integrated into the cabinet to ensure safety as well as durability.
  • The protective cover safeguards the barrier movement against any shearing action when opening and closing.
  • The 24 V DC choice is ideal for the intensive duty cycle.
  • Combined and compass opening function, with RSE card (for G2080E and G2080IE barriers).
  • Can be linked to ANPR software for automation. See here.

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CAME Entry Exit Unit

  • Choice of systems to choose from
  • Fan fold ticket printer
  • Proximity reader for season ticket cards
  • TFT 5.7″ display
  • Ticket request button
  • Detector for loop control
  • Barrier management
  • Built-in video entry phone with VoIP technology
  • Fans and heaters for internal air temperature control
  • Holder for 5000 fan fold tickets
  • Motorised ticket reader

Pay on foot systems

  • Modular automatic payment station in high resistant painted steel. The management software enables complete customisation of the system from displaying the information on the monitor to managing customised tariffs for special periods and events.
  • Coin reader
  • Note reader
  • Self-charging note hopper
  • Printer for receipts
  • Video entry phone with VoIP technology
  • Built-in device for reading and printing barcodes (printing lost ticket) and reading and writing ISO format proximity and microchip cards
  • Sturdy boxes for collecting coins and notes with key

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